South Shore Select is a year-round soccer school which emphasizes a competitive and positive environment for young girls.  Our mission is to develop strong and confident females, and to teach them lessons from the game that transcend far beyond the soccer field.  Come join our wonderful community.



October 12, 2014- CFC CHAMPIONS!!!!  The U11 Pre-Elite Messi team fought their way to victory at the CFC Tournament.  They started off the tournament with a 4 to 1 loss to CFC Sound Crush. They stayed focused and were victorious against their next two opponents and advanced to the finals.  They were matched up against CFC Sound Crush once again in the finals but this time Messi's defensive skills were a force to be reckoned with and they left CFC scoreless, winning 1 to 0.  The team fought hard, played well as a team, and never took the pressure off their opponent.  Coach Phipps and Coach Fraser coached a game of focus and tenacity.  It took a team effort to bring home this championship win.  Well done team U11 Pre-Elite Messi! 

October 12, 2014- Beca's U11 Club team at this weekend's CFC Tournament in Connecticut. 

October 12, 20414- U13 Pre-Elite at CFC this weekend. 

October 12, 2014- The U12 Pre-Elites had a great weekend at CFC finishing 2nd in our bracket. The entire team really played great and most important we had a blast!!!

October 12, 2014- The South Shore Select U14 Elite team won 3 out of four games this weekend at the CFC tournament.  The team scoring was led by Brooke Covino who scored 11 goals in the 4 games.  After Covino, the scoring attack was very balanced as 8 other players also recorded a goal on the weekend.  Fiona Kane, Kira Maguire and Maeve Humphrey each had two tallies.  The defense and Goalie Kalein Logue provided back to back shutoutson Saturday and only surrendered 3 goals over the 4 games. 

October 12, 2014- Steph's U10 Select team at CFC

October 12, 2014- Beca's U13 Club, although coming up short in the win column had a successful run at CFC. The team posted an 0-2-1 record with 5 GA. 2 on penalty kicks. Inspired, Beca took the team for post match instruction on strategy and eating pizza. Jen Healy demonstrated to all her double negative move that wow'd one and all. ALL parents and players had a blast!

October 12, 2014- The assignment to define "resilient" couldn't have come at a better time for the u10 Elites.  After a tough day on Saturday, the girls came out Sunday morning ready to play . . . and play they did!  Addi St. Jean was a star in goal, adding another shut out to her tally as the girls beat the leader in their bracket 3-0.  Each member of the team did their job, moving the ball well and working as a cohesive unit . . . it was a fantastic way to finish the tournament!  Many of the girls hung around to play with other teams and to cheer for their friends playing in their finals in a great display of their passion for the game and dedication to their Select family.  What a wonderful weekend!  

October 12, 2014- Coach Beca's U11 team from this weekend's CFC tournament

October 12, 2014- U10 Team Justin was a force to be reckoned with this past weekend at the CFC tournament! This tenacious team posted a 2-2 record for this tournament. Saturday, U10 Team Justin was victorious against the  Middletown Youth Sporting team; final score was 5-4. Team Justin then took on the  PSE U10 Girls Celtic and won their second game; final score 4-3. Amazing offense and dynamite defense from the entire team. Sunday, the team played against the New York SC, and in a very physically demanding game took its first lost with a final score of 5-4. The last game of the day was Team Justin verses Hamden Ginga SC; final score was 2-1 in favor of Hamden.  All U10 Team Justin's games this weekend ended with only a one point score differential. The team played strong, fierce and relentlessly all weekend long!  Congratulations to Coach Justin and the entire team! 

October 12, 2014- Justin's U12 Premier Team at CFC this past weekend.  The team played 3 strong teams, and came out with their first win of the tournament on Sunday.  Great job by all girls!!!

October 12, 2014- Jessey's U10 team at the CFC tournament playing soccer, making memories on and off the field, and loving every minute of it! 

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